You think *you've* got coding bugs ….

You don't get your non-provisional LJ Programmer license until you've made a commit at 6AM, after having been awake for over 24 hours and/or
drunk, which seems like the best idea ever at the time, works fine in testing, and (when sent live on the site) promptly has one of the following widespread effects:

  • The entire site is suddenly in Russian. For everyone but the Russians.
  • Nobody can stay logged in for more than 15 seconds unless they point the computer so it's facing north.
  • Reading along on your friends page, everything's great! everything's wonderful! Everyeixl akxm sunsiwec83/; qpxfa ecjlkp\]!
  • Doing anything on the site somehow causes your journal to be set to a journal style we don't even have.
  • Clicking on any lj user link causes you to come to (I am not making this one up. It really happened. Though not *quite* so widespread…)

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