You say terrorist, I say suspected militant

Why is it that Isreal “troops” conduct “raids” into Palestine, in locations where “suspected militants” are located?

What the fuck is that all about?

Seems to me you could write that as: … “terrorist” conduct “acts of terrorism” … where “national guard” are located.

Turkey had diplomatic contact with Hamas recently, and its filling the newspapers. And Condoleza Rice is going around telling everyone not to side with Hamas, and is threatening Palestine with a cut to aid until the recognise Isreal.

So a global bully (the US) is threatening Hamas (whom it considers a terrorist group) to recognise another terrorist group (the Isrealis) or else it will stop giving it aid money.

Is it just me, or is the world fucking crazy?

In other News: my bacon loving, gin drinking friend just become Muslim, in order to marry an Egyptian. The wedding date is set for Mach 18th. His name is Mustafa now.

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