What the hell is Explorer doing?

It is 2010, and yet when I browse a shared drive over the WAN, explorer slows down to a crawl reminiscent of the days when we were trying to FTP things over a 2400 SLIP connection.

Seriously, what is Explorer doing that it takes a full minute to retreive a directory listing of 16 objects?  And why must it completely take over the whole computer while it’s doing it?

Worse still is if you are browsing a very large directory listing, and try to scroll.  Then it hangs again, and this time, stops painting, so you get a big white square on the screen.  And then the Start menu stops responding.  And then you can’t Alt-Tab to other processes.

“Oh, well it’s retrieving information about all the files in the directory.”

No.  Because when I click on the file, I have to wait another 30 seconds for the context menu to appear.

“It negotiating security priveledges.”

Uh-huh.  We are all in the same domain, and I am several levels deep into the directory structure.

Does anyone know how I can browse file-shares over the WAN in this lifetime?

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