We're still talking to Voyager after all these years!


My favourite bits:
“The Voyager technology is so outmoded,” said Tidbinbilla's spokesman, Glen Nagle, “we have had to maintain heritage equipment to talk to them.”

That is because the ageing probes can only chat at a sluggish 32 bits a second, far too slow for modern computers.

“The computers look like the stuff out of the old sci-fi movies, with blinky lights and big colourful buttons,” Mr Nagle said.

Voyager 2 phones home to Tidbinbilla every day. Travelling at the speed of light, the signals take 11.5 hours to arrive. Voyager 1 calls once a month, its signals taking almost 14 hours. A two-way exchange takes more than a day. “It's slow conversation, but its a great conversation,” Mr Nagle said.

They say that Voyager is so far away that it is having difficulties picking out our sun from all of the other stars, which is important since it needs to re-point itself before transmitting.

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