Was I Globalized or Circumcized?

Jackson has been busy again:


He said the Indians in India would work for 35 cents an hour and never
get sick. I asked how they could never get sick, and he said that if
they get sick they get fired, and besides there is no health insurance
there, and it will save the company billions of dollars.

I asked him who would get the billions of dollars the company saved. He
said the Indians. I said, “how much of the billions would he Indians
get”, and he said, “each Indian would get 35 cents an hour”. I pressed
him on this point. I said, “who would get the rest”. And he sheepishly
admitted the CEO and the Executive Staff and the stockholders would get
the most billions. I asked who owned the stock. And he said most of it
is owned by he CEO and the Executive Staff. I asked him if he was on the
Executive Staff and he said, “Yes”, and I asked him if I could be on the
executive staff, and he said, “No”.

Recognize anything here?

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