Update on goings on

Getting some interest on the vehicles, tomorrow will be showing the cruiser and the focus.

Will confirm the areline tickets in a minute, set to depart on the 13th.

We were waiting to see when the shipping company can start packing, and they finally came back with the 11th.

Have the inventory about half done, just have a few more items to list, and then starts the arduous task of filling the prices for every item. I wish Amazon had a web API that I could just submit a list of CDs and it give me a quote.

Last night was the family open house at Grams'. Great to see all the cousins again for one last time. I think we are about done with going away parties, fewer and fewer people are coming to them now so that indicates I think that we have seen everybody.

Tomorrow is tax day, and we have an appointment in town with our accountant.

Reckon I”m gonna buy me a vonage phone and take it with me to keep an active Canadian number. Might even look into getting some virtual phone numbers added. Their soft phone looks interesting too….

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