Update from Egypt

There seems to be a Foreigner Free Zone in effect or something. Even the always Foreigner Friendly Carefore was devoid of whiteys yesterday.

Carefore is where you go to get a (albeit sad) dose of Western culture. The food court. I avoid these things like the plague at home, but when in such a foreign culture (like Egypt) it is nice to stop in and have some bad chinese now and then.

Also, people seemed to be just a little extra crazy on the roads lately. Must the warmer weather, bringing people out of hibernation.

In other news……

Working with windows network shares over a VPN is like dying of thirst next to a mountain spring. I have a fucking high speed ISDL link for fuck sake, and trying to copy a 51K excel spreadsheet feels like I'm trying to download the fucking Gutenberg library.

To copy a file – follow these simple steps:

  • Open the base share
  • navigate to the folder you want, waiting 30 seconds to open each folder
  • right click on the file you want to copy
  • wait 1 minute
  • select “copy”
  • wait 1 minute
  • alt-tab to target folder
  • right click
  • pray that “paste” is shown, and not grayed out. if it is available, select it. If not, goto “select copy”
  • wait 1 minute
  • hope that the “copy progress dialog” appears – if not, goto “select copy”
  • watch “copy progress dialog” for 1 minute
  • done – thank microsoft for such a quality fucking product
  • Hehe – better than trying to open the file directly in excel though – fucking thing still hasn't come back yet.
    Don't even get me started on actually logging into this infernal thing. Its currently taking about 5 minutes to process my login attempt. And no, its not because i'm not connected to the office LAN, it did it there too.


    oh well – gives me time to submit this entry :)

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    1. no i shouldn't have because i wanted to get my point across to you!
      and see you already pasted judgement on a person you don't know, because of something they said while have a bad day…

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