Tourist vs. Resident: How a country can seem very different.

Egypt through a travellers eyes is very different than through the eyes of an expat living and working here.  Cousin Jake, Nicole and Bec have been here for 2 nights, and are getting ready to leave.

As people take advantage of the free long distance calls, I get to listen in on this side of the conversation.  They all talk about the craziness as “fun to see”, “great to watch it happen”.  I talk of the craziness as “typical” and “not surprising”.

The arab culture is something you can't fight; not that you should fight any culture your emersed in, but since this one seems to be the most different, you have to do more to accept it.  So you end up working their hours (8am to 3pm – no lunch) except during Ramadan, when they leave an hour early.  And since they dont take lunch, there are no lunch places close by, so it takes an hour and a half to get lunch.  Add this all up, and if you tried to work like a Westener, you'd only get 4.5 hours with them each day, one hour less during Ramadan.

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