MacGuyvering a Drain for a Failed Hot Water Heater

Back in the house we were renting, the hot water heater failed, and began leaking onto the floor.

Unfortunately, the floor drain was not located in the low-spot, and the water was not draining into it. To make matters worse, I didn’t have any garden hose that I wanted to cut up, or anything really.

So here’s what I did! Water Heater Drain Franken-Hose#1

Duct taped one of Ella’s place-mats onto a cardboard tube, supported by a garbage bin, and surrounded by towels.

Water Heater Drain Franken-Hose#2

The only bit of hose I could find luckily had the right fitting, and attached to the drain. Once I figured out how to open the drain, I then had to sit there and keep the hose raised so that the water would drain.

As the tank slowly drained, I discovered that the shutoff valve on the inlet to the tank had failed, and so the entire house was draining out through the stupid tank. So I shut off the house water, and waited and waited.

The landlord had it replaced very quickly, and we were back in business.