Time for the obligitory outlook file conversion

Having given up the laptop on my last day of work today, and in preparation of moving to Lotus Notes, we find ourselves at that time once again when we must perform the filesystem shuffle, including but not limiting to converting the Exchange OST file to an Outlook PST file.

I dutifully direct your attention here.


Except that tool is borked. shoulda looked further down the comments before trying it out.

The only thing that worked for me was to configure my home outlook to connect to the work server, which I shouldn't have still had access to.

One thought on “Time for the obligitory outlook file conversion”

  1. I heard about not bad application-ost pst,know how convert all information from Microsoft Exchange (files with the .ost extension) into files of the Microsoft Outlook mail client (.pst files) OstToPst procedure, you can use the ost to pst conversion tool to easily move your messages, contacts, notes, meetings, reminders, tasks and all other information.

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