Time for a technology rant

Activesync just doesn't work anymore. Period. I've tried 4.1 and 4.5 beta 2, and neither work. The device connects, you go through the steps of setting up a partnership, and then nothing. The connection drops out, you get the little activesync disconnect noise, and then nothing. You have to unplug the device and plug it in again. Its fucking useless.

My new company use outlook, so they have managed to configure GPRS syncing with the exchange server. Which is great. Its better, its very very cool.

They also have exhange webmail, which is a godsend because I cant get the VPN working from inside the customer's firewall.

The new laptop cant boot with a USB drive plugged, regardless of the fact that in the BIOS I have arranged the boot order to have the hard drive first. The new laptop also has a msot annoying feature where the screen will go completely black on certain web pages. Can still see the mouse though. Yeah, figure that one out.

Babar1 the IT brainiac2 told me that the reason my login was taking severl minutes was because I had too much data in the “My Documents” folder, and that instead I should have everything in a folder right on the C drive and use shortcuts. I told him he was a fucking moron, and to fix the profile. He “fixed” the profile by deleting the “jhawkes” direcoty in “C:\Documents and Settings”. Lo and behold, I'm now getting this problem. Fan-fucking-tastic.

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