ticketek are scum sucking bastards

Their website sucks

It's too slow, it times out to fast, it regularity rejects my credit card, and it doesn't give you the best seats

Their outlets suck

I wasn't going to let their website get the better of me, so I went to an actual outlet in the Mall, and found out that they only accept cash or credit. Not direct debit (EFTPOS/Interact/whatever it's called in the UK). So, naturally, I made a scene. How in the bloody hell can they get away with this god-awful service? Ah yes, the monopoly.

I just wish that “ticketek are scum sucking bastards” showed up more hits in Google.

5 thoughts on “ticketek are scum sucking bastards”

  1. Well, a Google search of “Ticketek suck” brought me here although “ticketek are scum sucking bastards” is more appropriate. I am absolutely fed-up with Ticketek – I have wasted half a day trying to buy Powderfinger tickets from their ridiculously user un-friendly website, only to decide to call them – on which I discovered they don’t list their scum-sucking phone number anywhere either. Pathetic. It’s p*ssed me off so much that I’m not buying the tickets anymore.

  2. There must be more of us out there. Trying to buy tickets on line with their lousy web site is the pits – they force you into seats you don’t want, you have no choice. The process is slow and labourious and after nearly 3 hours I have bloody well given up. That is the trouble with monopolies there is no incentive for these moungrels to offer a better service.

    Worst of all they are so freeking arrogant, that they won’t even supply a telephone number you can call them on

    Scum sucking bastards is too soft , I can think of more appropriate terms. How do the promoters put up with these bastards?

  3. Trying to find a price for an event on this site is as easy as trying to nail a turd to a brick wall. The web designer should be f@#!ing shot in the face. After all these years, it’s good to know, stupid motherf@#!ers are still putting up shit, 2 bit sites that frustrate potential customers instead of helping them. Well done Ticketek! You suck arse hard. F@#! your useless website, and f@#! you for thinking this is acceptable.

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