This weekend

Well, in and amongst all the confusion and boredom of the last couple weeks, we have achieved the following:

  • Resigned
  • Submitted what should be my last expense cheque
  • Started the afterwork drinking, or rather, stepped it up a notch
  • Made contact with an immigration agent
  • Made contact with 2 different shipping companies
  • Had some of the longest discussions with coworkers ever
  • Learnt so many new tidbits about the company that make me say “god I”m glad I'm outa here”
  • Cleared up the last bills for the cancelled utilities and unused credit cards in canada
  • God access back into the australia bank
  • Attempted without success so far to transfer funds from Canada to Australia using only PayPal
  • Cleared out the laptop
  • Backed up files and documentation onto the personal server and the USB drive

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