The new pocket pc phone.

Loving the new phone.

The switch from palm to pocketpc has not been with tears though. I've had to hard reset it once, which looses all the data on it. Unlike palm, there is no magic “restore on next sync”, which makes it seem like nothing happened. With the pocketpc you have to re-install and re-configure everything. Someone has a magic utility for that, let me know.

Chapura's Pocket Mirror was handy in tranferring all my date book info.

I had great difficulties in transferring my contacts.

Palm desktop has a retarded export routine, which scrambles all the exports. I realised that the Palm Desktop program was exporting the fields in the order they are displayed in the program, and not in the order specified in the CSV export tool. Retarded! The only thing that worked from me was to export to vCard, and then write my own fricken tool to translate to CSV.

Good thing was though that since I was there, I also imported all my Yahoo contacts, and the company's reception phonelist. Now I should have all the addresses in one place.

Hitchhiker is a fantastic WiFi detection and connection tool. It has an option “Treat redirection as failure” which means that if you can connect to the AP, but get redirectced to a “please enter you credit card” page, it fails that attempt and tries the next one. Nice.

VxUtil is a handy utility for ping sweeps and the like.

I decided to buy Resco Explorer . It has FTP and regedit plugins and can map network drives.

I also bought and Phat Notes becase there is no way I could have survived with the standard notes app. I have 300+ notes that I like to call my backup brain/wallet.

It is a GPRS phone, and I've been able to use it as a modem. In fact, since it still has a Turkey sim in it, and the plane allows roaming, and I have a Turkish client with a GPRS network, I was able to log into the production SCADA system from my phone. From the train going home. Had to be carefull about tunells though….

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