Thank Goodness!! Someone is looking after the coffee situation

At one time, this would have mattered alot to me. I was known to drink too much coffee (man). I’ve since switched to Jerba Mate. But there are times when a cup of Joe is needed. Therefore, I bring you an email from our facilities coordinator:

Taste Testers were asked to pick their favorite and their least favorite from the 4 coffees being taste tested.

It was close between the medium roasts. Selection A is our existing blend, Exclusive, which won slightly over another worthy blend, Selection B, which was the Premium Blend.

The voting was relatively close between the two dark roasts, selection C (European Roast) and selection D (Seattle); however, the winner was selection C, Mother Parker’s European Roast.


We need to adjust (where necessary) our grinders to 3.0 oz throws and have our brewers adjusted to dispense 60 oz yields per brew to provide consistency of offering. We had all our grinders cleaned and now we will have them adjusted. We will also have our brewers adjusted to accommodate the 60 oz yields.

We are checking the pricing of the European Roast to add the packages to our coffee selection. We will continue to use our grinders for the medium roast and will have packages for the dark roast. Mother Parker will provide “blend identifiers” for our airpots to make it easy for employees to distinguish between the medium, dark and decaf offerings.

Attached are your results. We will keep you posted on the blends chosen.

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