Organised Spiritual Warfare

The New Apostolic Reformation, the largest religious movement you’ve never heard of, aims to take control of communities through ‘prayer warriors.’

Imagine a religious movement that makes geographic maps of where demons reside and claims among its adherents the Republican Party’s most recent vice presidential nominee and whose leaders have presided over prayer sessions (one aimed at putting the kibosh on health-care reform) with a host of leading GOP figures.

… a religious network of elites drawn from the ranks of business and government throughout the world. But the movement we’re imagining encompasses the humble and the elite alike, supporting a network of “prayer warriors” in all 50 states, within the ranks of the U.S. military, and at the far reaches of the globe — all guided by an entire genre of books, texts, videos and other media.

[Their videos] “demonstrate the taking control of communities and nations through large networks of ‘prayer warriors’ whose spiritual warfare is used to expel and destroy the demons that cause societal ills. Once the territorial demons, witches, and generational curses are removed, the ‘born-again’ Christians in the videos take control of society.”

Shame on us: Residents of a Sydney council appose a Muslim School

Camden Council opposes Islamic school development

Pauline Hanson had this to say:

“Every school in Australia is Christian apart from the Islamic schools. I have no understanding of what they teach in the Islamic school, do you?” Ms Hanson asked.

Are we surprised that she has “no understanding”? I'm not. And as I remember, my public primary school was not Christian, it was secular.

This bigot had the lion share of jaw-dropping quotes from the ABC TV article:
“Our democratic rights are being taken away. We just don't want [muslims] here. Not only in Camden, we dont want them in Australia. [All their countries] are dictatorships, they want to rule our world.”

Some other mind-bogglingly stupid comments.

“We're not bigots, we have the right to express our opinion.”

You have the right to express your opinion, if you are express a bigoted opinion, you are a bigot.

“My kids don't speak Arabic, so they cant go to this church. Next thing you know there'll be a mosque, then a little town … it's not right. It's totally not appropriate for the area.”

I'm not catholic, but I don't have a problem with Catholic churches, even if they continue to fuck young boys.

“I'm not saying all Muslims are bad. They are not all bad, but their teaching is.”

That's like saying: “The people of Camden aren't all bad, but they are all crack-whores”

ABC Reporter: Why are you wearing an Australia flag?
Bigot: Why not? Why shouldn't I? Why is the ABC against Australia?

Google turned up some more depressing bigotry from some small-minded douchebags:

The pigs’ heads, planted on wooden stakes on the Camden site, with the Australian flag draped between them, are believed to be in protest of the Muslim school proposal.

Found here. My response to that

Why is it that alot of people confuse “secular” with “Christian”? Would they appose a Buddhist Temple?

The Jew Has Left the Building

“What is your name?”
“are you jewish?”
“really?, are you sure?”
“you know I dont mind if you are. you can tell me”
“I'm not jewish”
“but you have a jewish name”
“yes I know.”
“you know, all the guys in the telecom group wanted to know”
“huh. what if I am?”
“So you are?”
“really man, its ok – you can tell me I wont mind. Are you?”
“no, I'm not.”
“are you parents?”
“really? what religion are they?”
“they aren't religious really”
“hmm. and you? what religion are you?”
“what! You worship a statue?!”

No longer able to slander.

From Plastic

Australian Christians are bitterly whining
over the loss of their right to slander and defame other religions. The loss of this right stemmed from the implementation of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act, which allows for complaints of breaches of racial and religious tolerance. Some intolerant Christians have chosen to portray themselves as martyrs. For instance, a pair of convicted Islamophobic pastors have opted to go to jail instead of offering a public apology to the Muslims they slandered. And it's not just Muslims. The law has also been invoked to crack down on Christians who vilified Wiccans and OccultistsLink has Vanished.