Savage Love: Straight Rights Update

Banning abortion, evicting unmarried straight couples and theirchildren, moving to ban birth control—things can't get any worse, canthey?”

Oh, but they can: Not satisfied with meddling in the lives of therelatively small percentage of women who are pregnant, the AmericanTaliban is moving to regulate the lives of all American women.

“New federal guidelines ask all females capable of conceiving ababy to treat themselves—and to be treated by the health care system—aspre-pregnant, regardless of whether they plan to get pregnant anytimesoon,” reports the Washington Post.

Color me paranoid, but ordering American women to regard themselves as”pre-pregnant” because they may harm a fetus they don't know they'recarrying opens the door to prosecuting women who harm their fetuses byfailing to regard themselves as “pre-pregnant.” How long until “womenshould…refrain from smoking [and] maintain a healthy body weight”becomes “women must…” Does that sound paranoid? Well, so did a war oncontraception once.

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