Same drivel, different host….

Have had a good run with Livejournal, but it’s time to move on.

In the processes of moving the site to a GoDaddy hosting solution.  The cost of maintaining a full dedicated server was just too much, when considering what it is was being used for.

I gave up managing my own email server a while ago – just too much work to keep on top of the spam.  And now Gmail is fast becoming my main mail online anyway.  It has IMAP and  aliases, which means I can keep my account, and others (like my account, which I got through the IEEE computer society.)

I’ve managed to import all my livejournal posts into WordPress, but it wasn’t easy – even with all the scripts and so on out there ([1], [2], [3], [4]). I ended up having to edit both the LJ export scripts, and the WP import scripts, which included having to go through that particular kind of pain which is CPAN on cygwin.  The pain was worth it though. When I get settled on the new server I’ll post relevant code.

Now all that’s left is to select a gallery program and migrate the photos without breaking any the 150 or so links….

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