Robbed by Ryanair Baggage Handlers

December 9, 2009

Ryanair Customer Service Complaints Department
PO Box 11451 Swords, Co Dublin
Fax +353 1 8121676

Reservation Number: XXXX
From: Dusseldorf (Weeze)(NRN)
To: Sevill (SVQ)
Flight: 8622
Depart: Dec 8, 2009 16:55
Arrive: Dec 8, 2009 19:40

Luggage Tag Number: 00006XXXX
Excess Luggage Reference Number: 0000XXX
Excess Luggage Fee: EUR120

Re: Theft of item in Checked Luggage

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to report the theft of a personal item that was inside a piece of checked baggage on a recent flight from Weeze to Seville.

The website does not include an option to report this.

The item in question was a 125mL bottle of Davidoff Cologne, valued at EUR40, and was taken from my shaving kit. It was obvious that the thieves inspected the camera case that was also in the bag, but not finding a camera, took nothing.

Both the camera bag and the shaving kit were left opened. I have attached a photo of the inside of my bag as I found when I opened it after arriving at my hotel.

It is extremely upsetting to have ones bag interfered with, as anything could have been taken or added.  In these days of heightened security concerns, this is a gross violation of personal security.

I demand an apology, replacement of the stolen item, and a reimbursement of my full fare, including the excess baggage charge.  To think that I paid extra for the privilege of having my baggage rifled enrages me to the extreme.  You can be sure that you will never see me on your airline again, and I intend to make this experience known to as many people as I can.

Yours in extreme dissatisfaction,
Jacob Hawkes
December 9, 2009

Ryanair Luggage Theft Markup
This photo was taken after arriving in the hotel, and opening the bag for the first time since the flight.  The black shaving kit is opened, as is the blue camera case.  The cologne was taken from the shaving kit.  Both were left open.

10 thoughts on “Robbed by Ryanair Baggage Handlers”

  1. Man that sucks.

    Your reaction is understandable, but quite different from that which a left-leaning friend of mine had. He wrote the (different) airline a letter accusing them of taking advantage of their workers, creating an environment where decent, honest people would turn to theft.

  2. Rare for me to support Ryanair, I might be wrong but I believe the baggage handlers are not part of their workforce. Also, why did you not use a locking bag or put a padlock on the zips. It seems to me if baggage is difficult to get into, it might well be left. We used to hear vast numbers of stories of baggage theft (thiefrow?) but it seems a rare event nowadays.

  3. Hi Jake, hope you get satisfaction from Ryanair – though I wouldn’t hold my breath!
    In fairness, is it Ryanair baggage handlers at fault or do Ryanair use the general airport baggage handlers? Either way, a bit of a crock for you. Best of luck.

  4. Yeah, I know that Ryanair doesn’t actually employ the baggage handlers, but a Weeze there aren’t any other airlines. And my ticket is with Ryanair, not the baggage handlers, so the duty of care rests with Ryanair.
    Why didn’t I lock it? Because locks get cut off in some countries by the customs agents (USA), and others are easily defeated.

  5. I Have just arrived in Manchester from Tenerife South Airport when arriving home i found the lock on my checked in baggage had been broken off and
    gifts i had purchased in Tenerife were missing. I have traveled with Monarch
    Airlines twice a year and never had anything missing.I posted this for future
    Ryanair travellers. Beware.

  6. I’ve just got home after travelling from Faro to Manchester to find the lock missing and all the cigarettes tobacco and perfume we purchased had been stolen out of my suitcase .PhotORang Ryanair who just said fill out a complaints form but there is nothing they can do as I didn’t notice it and report it at the airport but how many people check through their case as they get it off the carousel . Lesson learnt will never travel with Ryanair again

  7. just arrived home 29th june after travelling with Ryanair from faro to Manchester airport to find our cigarettes and some other valuables have been stolen from our case , this was a hand luggage case which Ryanair check in staff made us check in due to no room in the cabin they said , I read with interest the same incidents have happened to other people travelling from faro with Ryanair so beware , I have emailed Ryanair but they don’t seem interested

  8. Just happened to my daughter travelling Barcelona to Manchester, mum and daughter just had a week in Pineda. She had a birthday while there and we got her £200 in Croatian kuna for her hols with her mates next week. Bag had been rifled through and all birthday stuff taken, including cards, earrings, store vouchers.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if O’Leary told the handlers to nick stuff so we’ll pay to keep our bags with us in the plane.
    I hate Ryanair, they treat their customers like dirt, why don’t we just boycott them, would love to instigate a campaign. Sooner they go bust the better.

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