“Repairing” an amplifier from an Ex-CBC Editing Suite

CBC Radio got rid of a bunch of hardware from a couple of their editing suites from their studios in Calgary.  I heard about it when I was at Inner Sleeve, a store I’ve recently discovered when Lisa told me that they got a hold of the the CBC Calgary vinyl collection.  What I didn’t know was that they took a bunch of the hardware as well.

The amp is a Sony TA-1055 amplifier, and a set of Dynaco A25 monitor speakers, all with CBC Radio Canada asset stickers, which I think is super cool.

It’s old gear, but it sounds fantastic.

It started to drop the right input from the turntable, and I finally opened it up to have a look.

Woah – wire wrap.  Haven’t seen that since university.

In general, the problem was that the input source selection buttons are wired up weird, and that the other switches on the font actually route input signal through them when not selected. Wiggling them fixed the issue,  so “repair” is perhaps overstating what actually happened.

Damn I hate mechanical switches, they eventually fail intermittently, and send such a horrible crunch when they are usednad I have to remember to mute the volume when using them.

In general, it was a satisfying task.  It’s been a long time since I’ve taken apart an appliance!

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