Quality of RFP documentation

You can expect a wide range of quality for RFP documents.  Sometimes, they are an imaculate document with perfect section and page numbering that is consistant throughout.

Other times, they are a collection of photocopied, scanned, hand annotated monsters, with sections numbers from different conventions, and pictures like this:

Airport with sensor locations

This is a map of an airport, and on this map are the location of existing sensors which are to be replaced as part of the RFP.  Take special note of the 22 sensors and 9 RPU cabinets, and from this map, calculate the cost of

  • sensor cabling,
  • data cabling,
  • power cabling,
  • trenching,
  • obstruction light placement,
  • a thousand other things.

Now go and prepare a fixed price quote.  Oye.

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