Policy vs. Common Sense

When should common sense take priority over policy? Then there is money involved? Maybe only when there is more than $100 involved?

How about when its obvious that there aren't enough people to do the work scheduled, but there is no way to prove it according to the policy?

Maybe when entire departments are crumbling and there are no senior technical people or salesman left to represent entire region business areas?

Apparently none of these are true. The answer, according to the Spanish overlords is that policy is always right, no matter what.

Case in point #1
Just a few weeks ago, the purchasing and finance departments decide that all change orders will incure an extra 5% admin charge, without question, across the board, no exceptions. Now, everything from purchasing a mouse pad, or a 1 million dollar sub-contract carries an additional 5% charge.

Weird, but who cares.

Who cares? The project managers managing existing 8 year-old projects in the Middle East, who now have to turn to their sub contractors and say that they will receive 5% less. Or maybe they go to the customer and say “our purchasing department needs 5% to process these invoices, so you need to pay us an extra 5%”. Chaos and jihads ensue.

Case in point #2
The finance department cannot approve an invoice for a sub-contrator in the same 8 year-old project, because the contract did not get the correct approval signatures. So what you say, just get the right sigantures. First of all, there are 8 of them needed. Yep, 8. Second of all, some of these sigantures come from idiots in Spain who have no idea about anything, and who regularilty deny requests such as these. And the maddening thing is that these sub-contracts have been in place since way before we were even bought! And the sub-contract as it stands would never be approved, because the fucking polices have changed anyway!

Good fucking damn this company is fucked!

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