Pizza on the grill

We love pizza here in the Hawkes household. Like, really love it. Like, so much that I’m seriously considering building a wood fired pizza oven.

Until then, we’ve started experimenting with ┬ámaking dough, and various ways to cook it. Our tried and true marinara sauce is a real champion here.

Before I broke the pizza stone (boo!) we did it on the gas grill. It turned out great!

Pizza on the stone.
Pizza on the stone. We used cornmeal to stop it from sticking to the peel, but I didn’t like the taste of crunchiness of the corn meal on the bottom of the cooked crust. So, I’m looking for alternatives
Cooked Pizza
Voila! Alfresco pizza, fresh from the grill.
Chef's aide
Chef’s aide


2 thoughts on “Pizza on the grill”

  1. If you don’t like the crunchy of the cornmeal crust, try using hardwood charcoal and a constant airflow device (cough hairdryer cough) to bring your grill to the 500┬░ needed for “real” pizza.

  2. Good idea. Although, I was able to get the stone crazy hot (hot enough to char the cornmeal), perhaps next time I’ll try without it…

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