Old stuff: Ben's update

well i'll put it this way, i have enough money to pay for the rent on friday and then buy one beer and thats in happy hour.

My driver side window got smashed when i left the car in town one night mmmmmm a bit breezy and hot when driving. I still lock the car, i can't leave it unlocked even though there is know real point.

So i sitting at my desk last week and i get a phone call from a girl from the Institute of Engineers, She asks me if i have heard from my boss, i said no, she then proceeds to tell me about some dinner on monday night (last monday). It was a Generation X Change Dinner. It is basically the difference between the younger and older engineers, how they relate and how they differ etc.

She then says that my supervisor was going to do it but said that he was too old, they already had two older chaps and one young girl. My boss suggests that i would be a good option. So i really couldn't say no now could i.

There were three questions that we had to answer, they were asked by the motivational speaker that spoke at the dinner. The first question was about any cultural changes when i was a kid, e.g a song, movie technology etc. The second question was regarding our study life, what it was like, how i chose engineering, my forst day of work etc. The last question was what i wanted to get out of my job and how i want to be managed.

I rocked up to the dinner with no note cards unlike the other three people. I was second . The first guy stayed seated like the rest of the them and spoke. I thought fuck that, so i stood up and started answering the first question. I previously hired a wig, got some drum sticks and bottle of alcohol, the master of puppets cassette and a mouse. Before you get all freaked out, we were asked by the main speaker dude to bring props and make the night fun.

So i did, i called my boss up who is the president of the Institute of Engineers Northen Division by the way and proceeded to dress him up (he agreed to it before hand) I put the wig on gave the sticks and the bottle of alcohol. I then left him standing as i spoke about the other two instances, when we got our first computer and all i could hear was jake on the mouse in the morning. Then my first day of school. I then started talking about why the hell i dressed my boss the way i did. i think i said something like ” idon't really have a point, i just wanted to see my boss in wig” ha ha ha it brought the house down. I then started to tell them when i got my very first heavy metal album (Master Of Puppets) and how that started me on my love of music and drums etc, then i finally mentioned that my boss represented the heavy metal guy in the 80's. Everyone loved me.

In fact for the other two questions i was getting all the laughs, oh yeah i'm good.

The main speaker after said he would be out of job. oh yeah did i mention how i was good?

Everyone came up to me to say how good i spoke and good i was, yeah you heard, how good i was. My boss said that i had a gift and that it is really hard to do. FUCK YEAH.

He then said that i made an impression and should get involved in the young professional engineers. I could be on the committe for the northen division and they are looking for an NT representitive because there is not much interest up here. I'm not sure about that, sure i can stand up and get laughs but i don't think i know enough to do that stuff.

Just quietly, monday night after the dinner, we had an absolute blinder. i walked into the office on tuesday wearing the same clothes eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

i can't be bothered reading through so there will stupid mistaxs

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