Oh yeah – we are truely a leading edge company

Company email this morning:

I am pleased to announce an exciting new improvement to email. On Saturday April 1, we will be deploying the new Lotus Notes R6.5 mailbox template to the Lotus Domino server in [Redacted]. Once your mailbox has been migrated to the new template you will have access to all the new features in Lotus Notes R6.5, such as:

  • Reply without attachments
  • Personalize Inbox view (reorder and sort columns)
  • View time & date in Inbox view
  • Display # of unread messages in Inbox and folders
  • Trash folder

I'm sorry, “an exciting new improvement to email”? WTF? “View time & date in Inbox” and a trash folder? You've got to be kidding me.

Oh, and this is on the heals of the announcement that the IT department is only supporting blackberry's now, and so cant provide any software (or licenses) for syncronising notes to the palm or pocket pc. Oh, and they are only supplying blackberrys to senior management.


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