Not quite year a Y@K bug, but similar

Favourite bug of the day:

A certain program was complaining that the filesystem was too small. WTF? It has 14gig spare. Sounds familiar, didn't I fix this once before on another project?

Yup. Turns out no-one thought that disks would get so big back in 1991, so they stored the free space a filesystem in an integer. Measured in bytes. Whoopsie!

Gotta love this revision history. Check out those dates!

* Date Name Ver. Description
* ----------- -------------- ---- --------------------------------------
* 08-May-91 XXXXXXX V4.0.0 Written
* 02-Apr-92 XXXXXXX V5.0.0 Changed BOOL to boolean, NO to false.
* 28-Jan-93 XXXXXXX V5.0.1 Added support for host aliasing.
* 15-Mar-07 XXXXXXX FSFREE store file system free space in a double

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