New Job ….

Update: Yeah, updated while sober. To make it make sense.

Well, technically an old job, remixed. This time I am in charge, from day one. And it's freaking me out a little.

I've inherited a team of programmers, and the weirdest thing is, when I work with them, I can see where I've come from, and yet I'm having problems relating to them. Its like waking up one day and forgetting how to use your left arm – you know that this is something you should know, but you don't, and you can't figure out why.

So yeah, I have to get in-touch with my inner [redacted].

In other news, during my exit interview from my previous employer, one manager suggested that I take a good hard look at myself, to see what it is that I could improve. And to make sure not to repeat those same mistakes again. I was intrigued, and was interested to hear his elaborations on what mistakes and character flaws I had.

He said I was “aggressive and arrogant”.

What the hell does he know, I'm so much smarter than him, he's just a stupid no-talent ass-clown! I should smash him.

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