My Company's Half Day Off program

2005 Friday Afternoon Off Program (Summer Months)

To help employees get a start to their weekends and enjoy the summer months [company] has once again approved the 2005 Friday Afternoon Off Program. The program will run from June 24th to September 2nd. To help answer any questions regarding the program please see the FAQ section below.

  • Will the half day off program run every year?
    [company] is pleased to announce that this program will run every year on a permanent basis however the specific days and structure will be reviewed on an annual basis.

  • Is the first Friday on June 24th a full day or half day?
    June 24th is only a half day off. The program has been extended to September 2 to add that extra time for employees to enjoy the Labour Day long weekend.
  • Can I bank the half day if I have to work due to business requirements?
    The half days off are to provide employees an early start for the weekend therefore the time can not be banked.
  • Can I book every Friday off during the summer months using vacation time to cover the remaining half days?
    The scheduling and approval of vacation is at the discretion of each manager. Although this may be possible in some situations managers have to consider the impact on customer and business requirements and also the opportunity for other members of their team to take full days off.
  • What if I am at the client site?
    Business and customer requirements take precedent over the half day off program. If the customer requires you to work you will not be able to take the half day off.
  • If I work the full day will I get Over Time for the half day off?
    The hours worked over the half day off are not eligible for over time as they are during the normal business operation.
  • If the half day off falls on a statutory holiday can I take another half day off?
    Similar to having to work the half day you cannot bank the half day off.

So whats the point of offering friday afternoons off, and then not allowing them to actually take that time in the case where they have to work or are on site? I can tell you thought that this is one the great reasons why should work for us.

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