Mozilla Extensions

Because I'm tired of having to search for these everytime I set up a new Firefox install. We need to be able to create profiles, so that it remembers all this kinda stuff…

These are the add-ons and extensions I consider must-haves:

  • Flashblock Blocks all embedded flash objects from playing automatically. Just click the flash icon to start.
  • livehttpheaders Has a window showing all client and server headers as they whiz by
  • Addblock Block stuff easily
  • Web Developer Toolbar Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
  • Download manager tweak Allows you to customize how the download manager behaves
  • Add Bookmark here Puts an “Add Bookmark here” menu item into your bookmark menu
  • Update Bookmark Puts an “Current > URL” menu item in the bookmark context menu. Handy for updating bookmarks, say for online books, or sites without an RSS feed
  • User Agent Switch Allows you to switch what your browser identifies itself as

These are the search engines I usually add

This list is probably not complete. Meh. being updated.

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