Mounting external NTFS formatted USB drives in Ubuntu Feisty

Just doing my bit for community service. My external harddrive wasn't automagically popping up when I plugged it in, so I hunted around, and discovered that I needed ntfs-3g. No sweat.

sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g

And when I mounted it, it worked great, but it still wouldn't automagically appear on my desktop.
I've been switching between Gnome and KDE, and I think that is what screwed me around. I looked in my /etc/fstab and found this entry:

UUID=293485780 /media/littleblue ntfs-3g users noauto noexec blah blah blah

I thought that was required, but on a whim I commented out that line, and re-ran ntfs-config. I then unplugged and plugged in my drive, it BOOM it works perfectly. What's more, that line in fstab has been removed.

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  1. That's the most fascinating thing I've read! (in the ten seconds it took me to read it).

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