More Lotus Notes Gripes

  • Cutting and pasting from excel into an email results in an image
    It's as if you had done a little screen capture of the region selected in Excel. Even badly formatted text would be better than an image.
  • Can't delete an email if there is any text currently highlighted
    For example:
    • Open an email
    • Select some text to cut and paste into another document
    • Try to delete the email
    • Nothing happens. No error box, no beep, nothing
    • Simply clicking anywhere in the email, which deselects the text, allows you to delete the email. But it doesn't tell you that.
  • Can't delete an attachment from the preview window
    You must first open the window, then delete the attachment. The only reason I'm doing this in the first place is that my mail file is restricted to 20 meg.
  • Can't delete an email in the full viewer, if it is also opened in the previewLets say your skimming through your inbox, with the preview pane on:
    • You see a big email
    • You double-click on it and bring it up in the full viewer
    • You read the email, and decide to delete it
    • You can't unless you exit from the full viewer and then delete it from within the inbox

    NOTE: Notes has no problem deleting the email while you are viewing it in the preview pane.

  • The mouse wheel scrolls up slower than it scrolls down
    So slow in fact, that it's pretty useless, and you end up reaching for the Page Up key.
  • In certain text fields, double-clicking on a word does not select the word
    In almost all other applications, when you double click on the word, it selects the whole word. Instead Notes pops up a dialog box and tells you who can edit that field.


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