Melbourne: Moomba Masters Water Skiing

A while ago, I was in Melbourne for about a month. Lisa joined me for a long weekend, then stayed on for the rest of the week, then stayed on again till Monday.

The long weekend was during the Melbourne Moomba Waterfest, where the Moomba Masters was being held.

We also happened to stumble apon a skateboarding championship, with competitors from New Zealand and Australia.

Because the trip was extended at the end of each week, we had to keep moving hotels, because the hotel we were at would always be booked solid over the weekend. On the weekend of the Grand Prix, there were no vacancies anywhere in the city (anywhere that was any good) so we found a B&B for the same price. The B&B had its own little vineyard.

We went for an explore, and found the Black Spur, which is on the way to the snowfields. There, we stopped and went for a little hike through the tree. Amazing trees.

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