Lotus Notes: Wasting screen real estate

Screen real estate is precious. ┬áIf I want to see my calender for the week, on a 1280×800 screen, I expect to be able to see all the appointments for the week.

Lotus Notes somehow manages to not be able to show me more than about the first 10 characters of my appointments, and wastes all sorts of space in the process!

2 thoughts on “Lotus Notes: Wasting screen real estate”

  1. Yeah – I’m stuck on v6.5. Your link shows I think v8? The image I posted is the work-week view….

    I’ll bet most of my complaints about Notes would go away if we upgraded. Interestingly, I read your blog item about Lotus Notes vs. Gmail, and all I can say is, yeah, Lotus Notes is an awesome backend. But the (> v8) GUI is pretty bad. Terrible even. But then again, it is not alone

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