Lisa's Knee

From Lisa:

So I saw Mohtadi this morning and had a really good app't. He did the usual check-up stuff (squats, match-up standing with legs straight, table measurements) and he said that things have definately improved and his measurements were pretty close to what Laura gets. Cold measurements with Laura -2 and +126, Mohtadi 0 and +133, so basically have roughly 15 degrees in there to catch up with to match other leg.

But he said the biggest part of the app't was how I felt things were going and the overall feel/discomfort of things. The current pain I feel with certain things is to be expected and my level of strength is also normal.

He said someone with normal rehab/surgery stuff at 9mths post-surgery would still be weaker than normal and so it makes sense that I'm a bit more behind in my strength after stiff knee stuff and 2 surgeries. But he said that everything I'm currently doing is right and physio stuff is right,so just to continue and work on rebuilding strength (that one muscle at top of knee I think I told you about) and also to continue range of motion increase.

I asked if he had any concerns about me travelling to Egypt in September, he said with a big grin “only if you don't take surgeon with you!” =) Mohtadi's humour is pretty funny eh!

So yippeee! I've really worked hard before this app't and I'm just so excited to hear his positive feedback as well. I knew how I felt about how things are going and it's just nice to hear the same from him. You'll laugh at this, he said that I have a good feel for how things are improving and that I'm well in tune with my body…..haha you see – I know when I'm in balance =)

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