Kubuntu: Not bad

Lately I've been using Kubuntu, running on an IBM ThinkPad R51. Straight out of the box, everything works. Wifi, sound, docking station, USB drives, the works.
Its only got a 1.6Ghz Pentium M, and 500 meg of RAM, and it chugs every so often. Probably could do with about a gig or RAM, CPU is probably enough.
I'm running the Beryl window manager, which gives you some pretty naff visual effects, but they get a little annoying after a while, and I”m probably going to turn them off.
Evolution works well, and it connects well to our Exchange server, and even better, because Evolution uses the OWA URI for access, I can even access the server remotely without a VPN. Thats very nice. Although, I cant connect to more than one exchange server, so I'm unable to connect to the local customer's server at the same time. That's a downer.
This morning was the real test I thought. I was emailed a couple large images embedded into a Word document. It was a snap. Evolution fired up OpenOffice, and I had it printed out in no time.

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