I've never been so insulted in all my life

A week and a half until I due to leave on a 10 month trip to Spain and Cuba, and work has given me my relocation “package”. The package, in its entirety is this:

They say that because the project is less than 18 months, they cannot cover spousal travel. Instead, they will offer me a 5% VCP, which they say would be equivalent.

VCP stands for Variable Compensation Plan, and is a replacement for bonuses which were taken away when the Spaniards conquered us 2 years ago. The “variable” part is that the actual amount varies between zero and (in my case) five percent of my yearly salary, and is dependant on certain personal and group financial targets being met. So, if I am judged to have met all my personal goals, but the department doesn't meet its budgeted profit margin, I would get less than 5% or maybe even nothing. VCP is not offered to everybody, and only to those deemed to be in a important enough role that the decisions they make have a direct or indirect effect on the company's financial performance. The fact that the employees actually doing the overtime and donating weekends are not considered to be directly contributing to the bottom line is a little disturbing to begin with, but I digress.

Lately, my department has lost all of its technical resources. They have either quit or have transfered into another department out of dissatisfaction. Consequently, I have been spread pretty thin saving projects in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Equador and now Cuba. Compared to others, I am the most flexible employee they have; regularily travelling to “put out fires” with projects that have been mis-managed. I even worked during my vacation while my family was here, connecting to and resusitating the system in Turkey, all because they didn't have anyone else available.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has lost around 50 people, or 16%. I've been there for six years, and am considered a senior expert, and the last remaining technical person in the department.

I think I deserve the VCP. But I think I deserved some time ago.

The fact that they only offer it now, as a way to save about $4000 for an airfare, is quite frankly, the most insulting thing I have ever experienced.

Further, when I first agreed to the Cuba thing, I was told it would be handled just as all the other site trips would be handled. I have sent many emails to all the key players informing of the life style changes Lisa and I have made, and of the costs that I have incured as a result. I have also been researching Cuba on my own, and went as far as providing the Human Resources department with a list of questions, concerns and observations about a trip to Cuba, and all I get back as that they wont pay for Lisa's trip.

Tomorrow, I go in and tell that they must be out of the fucking minds, and that if they dont have a real offer in my hands by the morning after, then I'm not going, and further, that I'm not sure I want to work for this company any more.

I'm moving out and moving on, with or without them.

The craziness ends here.

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