I'm in Calgary and I'm OK.

Letter to mum:

I'm in Calgary and I'm OK.

Sharm is a 6 hour bus ride from Cairo. The car bombs can't go off in the very busiest section of Sharm because they do not let cars near all the people. Unless it was an Egyptian driving a cab. Those cab drivers would do anything.

I'm trying to get a hold of my buddy in Cairo to learn any more, although I doubt he does.

We've been at the folk fest this afternoon and yesterday as well. Staurday and Sunday are going to be full day events, we are going to start lining up at 9am. Try to scrore a good possie up close to the stage, and then eat all the food from the vendors and sleep in the sun (or rain. Likely rain.)

I tried calling but it just rand and rang. I have your number as +9689 237 8184 is that right?



Pictures of Where the bomb did not go off…. :)

But, walk away a few blocks, and you get back into the true Egypt.

It looks bad, but this is just a very common street in Egypt. It looks weird because it has so much space around it. Normally, in Cairo, that would look like this:

or at night, from above :)

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