I hate litter-bugs

On the way home from work, I stopped in at the post office, which is next door to a grocery store. From there, I walked to the train station. On the way, I noticed the packaging from a pre-made sandwich, probably bought from the grocery store. This was confirmed when I saw the un0wanted slices of tomatoe thrown on the sidewalk.

Pigs, I thought.

I caught up with the sandwhich eaters further on, since they were sauntering, and I was walking. Striding almost.

With no apparent thought, the sandwich eater tossed the rest of the packaging straight over the rail of the bridge, and walked on.

Its a good thing they are not surrounded by pigs like themselves. I've seen what it looks like when everyone in a country has the same regard and respect for their surroundings.

They can count themselves lucky that we are all not as slovenly as they are.

I hate litter bugs.

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