Here is a thought for all you climate change skeptics

So, you don't believe that humans don't have an active part in climate change and global warming. Fine. Then don't focus on the CO2 emissions, focus on energy consumption reduction.

Do you think we can continue to maintain our current energy consumption?

Most skeptics say global warming is a natural cycle. So fine – when you start to need to run all the world's air conditioners 24×7, then lets talk about energy consumption reduction.

Climate change is more than just CO2 emissions.

It is energy efficiency. Technology and science that values energy consumption, and minimises it where possible.

It is renewable energy sources. Energy sources that will never run out, and you dont have to kill people for them.

It is smart architecture. No more stupid concrete-oven houses with massive sun-facing windows and air-conditioners in every room.

It is better modes of travel. More trains, less roads, better public transport and other related systems that make it easier to get around without a car.

So, Mr Skeptic don't let your narrow-mindedness and corporate greed blind you to the other aspects of what is going on around you. I don't care how much money your new mine1 is going to make you – your IPO doesn't give you the right to be a vandal.


One thought on “Here is a thought for all you climate change skeptics”

  1. I'd personally like to see the same energy and effort we put into this issue go into other environmental causes, like clean land, water and air, or maybe the 3 R's (and give our landfills a break). And there is a long list of emissions I'd like to see reduced before CO2 (because they're more dangerous, more under our control, and more cost-effective to correct).

    And beyond environmental issues, I'd love to see the same energy go into certain immunizations, treatments and cures. Once again because we can save more lives (and with less effort) by going after disease and malnutrition.

    However, this whole debate is so polarizing. Supporters are labelled as elitist hypocrite socialists and opposers are labelled as greedy ignorant dinosaurs. In the end, nothing gets done. It's all so useless.

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