<h1>IKEA hack: spice rack from bedside table</h1>

I love hacking IKEA. I did it once already, and I've got Ikea Hacker in my google reader.

The problem: a deep counter top, with unusable space at the rear which becomes crowded with stuff

The Solution: Take a Rast bedside table and chop it in half.

I had to shorten the shelves of one of the halves, as I planned to use the space in between the two halves.

The Finished Product. Those are IKEA spice racks that we brought down with us from Canada. I can't find them on the IKEA website.

Another angle.

Close up of the spice rack mounting in the middle.

And filled with stuff!

4 thoughts on “<h1>IKEA hack: spice rack from bedside table</h1>”

  1. What a perfect way to make more room on the kitchen counters! Quite ingenious. I also love the under-counter lighting you've put in. I so need both of these great additions to my kitchen. Wanna come help? lol

  2. Hiya! Not sure if you got my message (I used that lj messaging system, which often gets missed) so I was just wondering if you'd mind me using one or two of your images for an article I'm writing. It would be appearing on a UK-based website which is running a series of blogs on home improvement.

    It would be a perfect illustration for a point about space-saving I'm trying to make :)

    thanks again

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