Getting a phpBB into work

Email From Work:
I apologize for the spam, but I have not been able to find anyone who can tell what the following Databasic error means and what I can do to fix it. If anyone has any thoughts or has any questions please contact me.

So I decided to try and gain interest from senior management about phpBB.  I sent this email to the “business developer”:

What if there were some training budget set aside to pay for a few hours each day for senior technical people to answer this kind of thing? A forum environment would work great (like http://srvhus/forum/ [internal link only]). People post questions and answers. Given a few hours set aside, the senior people could make sure that all questions got answered, or at least forwarded on so that it would be.

She shouldn't have to email to all after the big bad email to all warning came out. I'd bet she doesn't know which email specialty group to go to. A forum environment has proven to be one of the best ways to manage information coming in from alot of people. A quick search of google also shows that it might be a good place to learn new skills too.

I'm really wondering if this might help get a bit of the open source spirit into the company.  I reckon that open source might be mentally healthy for a company.  It helps to reinforce the idea of community.  This is what really makes those silicon valley companies look good.  Its not the material benifets, but the sense of comunity they seem to have.

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