Families Vs. Christians — Who Will Win?

Families Vs. Christians — Who Will Win?

“A parent who is Wiccan or pagan would be deeply offended by the characterization of their religious path as being likely to have had 'tremendous evil come from occult involvement.' A parent in a court-mandated program might not be able to object without suffering severe consequences, such as being ostracized or publicly ridiculed. Wiccans, Pagans, Druids, Santeros, Gnostic Christians, Qabbalists and Sufis are all considered to engage in mystic or occult religious practices… Those of us who practice 'occult' or non-mainstream religions are law-abiding, productive taxpayers and voters who simply wish to be afforded the same respect and tolerance that is the right of every American citizen.”

Kind of like trying to tell a muslims here in Cairo that, “No, I'm actually not a Christian”, to which they kind of give a startled look, and then ask what you are. When you reply “I'm a Buddhist”, they look incredulous and say, “But they worship a statue man!”.

But they are not close minded, and we have the wrong idea and Islam.

Yeah, right.

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