To those of you in Canada who didn't know, and who we saw on our trip recently, sorry about the timing!

After the group sleepover in Banff, Lisa and I decided to stay on and go see Wil play at the Drake in Canmore.

I had started planning this thing a while ago, and I happy to say, that none of my plans actually came to be, but that I'm keeping them up my sleeve for later. On our way to Canmore from Banff, I came up with plan B – more like plan F by this stage.

We had some time to kill before Wil played, so as we drove through Canmore, I asked Lisa if she had ever been to the Nordic center. She said she hadn't, so we headed up towards it. I drove right by it, and continued up the hill behind the East End of Rundle (EEOR to the locals) and continued up past the lake.

We came to stop at the trail head, and I suggested going out for a quick walk, to kill more time.

At this point, I'm actively scouting out the place to stop and ask, and found a little stream, making all sorts of great little stream noises, and pull Lisa over to it.

I asked, she cried, she said yes. Then we went into town and had dinner at the Drake, and watched some great live music.

Thats it really.
Dates? No idea.
Which Country? No idea.
We'll figure it out later =)

2 thoughts on “Engagement.”

  1. Quick thinkin Jake! Ya gotta be crafty (but not shady) when it comes to events like that. Big congrats!

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