Cuba: Why all the interest?

Well, I accepted a Project Leader Role for the Cuba project.

Its a big EPC project to automate a product delivery station. Basically, there is a refinery and a tank farm and a truck delivery station. The trucks either deliver or take delivery of product which is either coming or going to the refinery of the tank farm.

Our project is modernise the station. Including:

  • Replace manual valves with motor valves
  • Replace or upgrade pumps with remote control units
  • Replace metering skid
  • Install instrumentation throughout the station (pressure, temperature, flow etc)
  • Install and program PLCs for all instrumentation and product delivery
  • Install Emergency Shutdown (ESD) system, including station blowdown systems and automatic station shutdown system
  • Upgrade all existing electrical power ditribution system
  • Install or upgrade fire detection and supression system
  • Install GIS system
  • Install SCADA system, including:
  • protocols for the PLC
  • protocols for the fire system
  • protocols for the ESD system
  • interfaces to the GIS system
  • interfaces to the accounting system

The project is half finished by our office in Spain, and we're taking it over for reasons too boring to go into. The interesting bit is that the project is actually being done out of Telvent Gmbh, which we also wont go into ….

I'll have a team of 12 people repoting to me, and looks like Lisa and I will be living in Cuba for about 6 months, with a month first of all in Spain to get up to speed. Hoping I can work Glen's trip to Croatia….

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