Cuba? Turkey? Spain? Germany? Who the fuck knows!

so, just to make things more fucked up, looks like I am going to Spain, around Aug14, and probably be there for about 5 or 6 weeks.

I have to be in Madrid Sept1 (give or take), and it might be that I'm in Turkey for 2 weeks before all this.

so, it will be Turkey (aug1-aug13) Spain (aug14-sep??) then cuba.

and lisa will be with me the whole time! thats cool.

there is a very slim possibility that we could drop in on glen in croatia sometime in there, but we will have mega luggage with us, unless we can stash it somewhere….

talk about a head fuck hey? I am trying to move out of the apartment at the same time, which involves satisfying the nazi landlords (e.g. having documentary proof in the form of a receipt, that we had the carpets professionally cleaned)

One thought on “Cuba? Turkey? Spain? Germany? Who the fuck knows!”

  1. were the carpets uhm shall we say 'soiled'? in the first place oh international man o' mystery?

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