Cuba: Terrorism

For 43 years, the country of Cuba has been subject to terrorist attacks, including numerous assassination attempts against its political leaders; the explosion of a Cuban airliner killing 76 passengers; bombings at hotels, shops, and other location designed to thwart the development of tourism; biological and chemical agents dropped on crops and livestock; and of course armed invasion, not only at the Bay of Pigs, but numerous commando bands… The self-acknowledged perpetrators of many of these acts are walking free, and even celebrated as heroes, in the United States.

After years of seeking and finding no assistance from the U.S. government, Cuba sent a number of individuals to the United States to monitor the actions of the groups and individuals perpetrating these terrorist actions. In 1998, five such individuals were arrested and tried in, of all places, Miami, Florida, despite their attorneys' requests to move the trial to a city where anti-Cuban prejudice would be less, such as Fort Lauderdale.

Gerardo Hernández — two life terms in Lompoc, California
Antonio Guerrero — life term in Florence, Colorado
Ramón Labañino — life term in Beaumont, Texas
Fernando González — 19 years in Oxford, Wisconsin
René González — 15 years in Edgefield, South Carolina

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