Clearing up my Inbox….

“When people posing as experts write books heralding a study that was never done in support of GUNS, they are hailed as a patriot. When they are caught lying, the liars call the critics liars. Their pay-rolled lackey “scholars” declare, as the voice of God, 98% of all crime would be exterminated if everyone carried a gun.”

Guns, fear, hate, and profit – the true American way

You've seen this by now I'm sure: This Land, by JibJab

Yerba Mate. I've been drinking this instead of coffee for 2 months now, and I feel better for it. Generally, my caffine intake has gone way down, and I haven't had a 3pm crash for a long time (unless I was up till 3am the night before =).

Dont play in the cockpit kiddies.

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