Channel 7, Channel 9 and Channel 10 suck

Ok, first off, their News is terrible. Channel 9 said that The Dalai Lama cares for the environment by turning off lights, and not bathing. That's not what he said.

Second, I dont think we need any more reality shows. In fact, lets widen it up and say that we dont need any more popularity contest based shows. Popularity contest based shit is what our parents told us only happens at school.

Third, A Current Affair, and Today Tonight, who both pay for stories, and who have openly admitted that their target audience is un-educated lower-middle class white trash.

I gave a few interviews at the Dalai Lama thing because we were the first in line. The first was the ABC, and I didn't have any strong opinions about them, until Channel 9 came along, and I only realised afterwards, that for some reason, even without having actually seen any of Channel 9's footage, I took an almost instant dislike to them, and afterwards realised that I should have said no to them. Oh well. The guy who slept overnight refused to talk to any media for fear that they would portray it as though no one showed up for the overnight vigil.

ABC and SBS are about the only things worth watching. Oh dear, I've become like that nerdy university professor!

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