Big Dave's gonna help me by a Cruiser

Ever since working in Moomba, and driving a cruiser all the way from Adelaide to Moomba, I've wanted a cruiser. Dad was going to bring one home from moomba for me to drive, but never did. That put the seed in my mind, and now I see that these are one of the best trucks around.

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The 60 leaks when it rains, needs fresh paint, has rips in the upholstery, needs a new wiper motor, has weak a/c and needs a new muffler pipe. It's awesome.

And then I saw some pictures that convinced me it was time to get one now

Plus, Big Dave Calgary picked one up of his buddy, Dom. Dom had bought it for $500, rebuilt the body, painted it, overhauled the drive train, and put it all back together again. Finally I guess he'd just a gutful, and had gotten sick of the seight out it, and said “just take it away!”. He even went as far as to say, he didn't want any money for it. So Big Dave lends a hand to, take's it off his hands, says he'll fix it up a bit more, and see what he can get it for.

One time at work, KP and I we were talking about cruisers, and he mentions that Big Dave has about 4, and he's combining them all into a monster.

To make a long story a little longer, Big Dave said he'll help me build it, just like he helped KP build his truck, Big Orange.

I can hardley wait to get home and go have a look at it.

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