Back from Melbourne

Back from rainy Melbourne into sunny Perth!

Yesterday, I picked up an SUV from a friend, and started moving into the new apartment. I got to see it for the first time! Lisa new it well, but I'd never seen it before. Needless to say, its gorgeous.

We finished off yesterday with a retail frenzy (fridge, bed, kettle1, toaster) and finished with a lovely dinner with our hosts, Bev and Pete.

And today, we are off to see the air race!

The beauty of it is, we are invited to the penthouse apartment of the same SUV friend to watch the race from there amongst all the other mucky-mucks of Perth. Well ex-cuuuuuse me!

1. Life is a series of kettles. Seems that when you are buying a new kettle, something momentous has just happened. I am on my third kettle.

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